The International People’s Court on the Judiciary complaint will bring together in a document a synthesis of several human rights violations committed by the Brazilian Judiciary. This document brings to light the demands of popular movements, social organizations and human rights defense networks for a new model of justice.

As a whole, the complaint of this Court will bring together in two series of accusations more than 10 issues related to the violations committed by the Justice in recent years. See some of the topics that will be addressed with cases of daily rights violations:

Indictment Series – Racism and Gender and Class Inequalities in the Judiciary

I. Business Favor
II. II. Omission of the judiciary in cases of crimes of racism and homophobia
III. III. Privatization and Elitism of access to justice
IV. IV. Inequalities in income and composition of the Judiciary

Indictment Series – Incorrect Influences of the Judiciary
V. Corruption in the judiciary
VI. Corporate Capture
VII. Media interference in the judiciary
VIII. Absence of criteria for the assignments of positions to the upper echelons of the judiciary
IX. Privileges, corporatism and elitism
X. Lack of mechanisms for participation, social control and transparency
XI. Prohibition of setback on human rights

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